About Exclusive Heritage


Exclusive Heritage (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on October 1989 and establish as its principal to be recognized as one of the Malaysia’s most distinguished corporations and eminent leader in the Refinishing industry. We started with a commitment to provide “Bathtub Refinishing” formulation only quality, customization and avoid shortcuts.



In order to be most distinguished corporations and eminent leader in the refinishing industry, our company realize that the most vital asset will always be in the highly train, discipline technicians and marketing personnel who are mainly responsible, capable and knowledgeable. The company makes every possible effort for the project to run smoothly with the efficient team. And in turn, our customer will receive the most effective and outstanding service in this type of industry.


Our company team have more than 24 years experience in trouble shooting for and kind of problem that face by our customer and we are pioneer in Malaysia for bathtub refinishing, “Proven Permanent Non-Stain Grouting Materials”, High Power Ozone Blasting Machines and a dealer for Grout Digging Multi-Tasking Power tool.


Over the past 24 years, we have undertaken numerous large projects in Malaysia for hotels and construction firms. There are many enquiries regarding our products in the South East region .

It reflects our company’s long standing and leading position in this industry. It also reflects our readiness to meet challenges and determination to stay as the pioneer in Malaysia and South East Asia.

And most of all we can save our customers a large sum of money and downtime. To have an exceptional clean and straight lines of grout at the bathtubs’ groutings. Using white cement or silicon as grout you needs to regrout every 6 to 7 months for a hotel with 500 rooms. Your maintenance staff would have to face grouting the whole year round, again and again it will be back to square one.


We uses HVLP spray systems with just 6.5 to 10 psi the normal spray system uses 35 to 45 psi, that means the whole guestroom would be cover with spraying paint mist and smell which would take weeks to disperse and material pacticles flying everywhere it's bad for humans as specially your staffs and envoirment. 
The whole normal spraying equipment cost less than RM1000.00. Our spray equipment cost around RM4,500.00 in which it is imported by our-self.
HVLP spray systems, could be used in any type of envoirment even in high moisture places or just after raining, without any peeling effects or affecting the bonding of the materials.
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